Animal Control

Rabies Clinic is scheduled for Wed May 9th,2018

7 pm @ the RR Park on 11th St.

Licensing fees are as follows:

City of Montague dog licenses fees for the year are due June 30Per City Municipal Code Section 6.04.030, any dog that resides within the City limits must be licensed through the City of Montague.
 California state law per California Health and Safety Code Section 121690(b) requires all dogs four months of age or older to have a rabies vaccination given by a licensed veterinarian.
The Animal Control regular license fees are:
$10.00 for Spayed/Neutered (Altered) Dogs
                                                                  $20.00 for Unaltered Dogs
                                                               Seniors 65 and older:
                                                                $7.50 for Spayed/Neutered (Altered) Dogs
                                                               $15.00 for Unaltered Dogs

Licensing fees are due and payable between May 15th and June 30th with a grace period through July 31st.  After July 31st they are past due and subject to Overdue fees. 



Deborah Scott- Animal Control Officer
Office: 530-459-5136

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 2:00 pm

Animal control officers are employed by city and county governments to ensure the health and safety of both humans and animals while enforcing animal-related laws.  They investigate mistreated animals and control those that are deemed dangerous, abandoned or lost.